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Why DevOps?

The DevOps practice creates an effective agile environment with shorter and iterative development cycles. It enables the development team to resolve issues faster. DevOps Adoption in development process encourages rapid product release cycle with continuous integration, quality assurance, & stress-free deployment.

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DevSecOps is a way of approaching IT security with an “everyone is responsible for security” mindset.

Application Performance

By removing human intervention and providing empirical results gathered from testing to ensure defects are identified as early in the release process as possible.

Configuration Management

Automating the configuration of application environments and removing the (snowflakes), having one source of truth from a configuration management database. We also provide consultation on building images in accordance with industry standard methodology and practices.

Continuous Deployment

We ensure the final artefacts are deployed through the delivery pipeline to ensure one artefacts works in all environments seamlessly.

Our DevOps practice is not limited to software, we also provide consultation on cloud migration, infrastructure as code and transformation of monolithic environments to micro services.


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